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Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Mary Rose Museum, 26 February 2014 Updated! The visit on 26th February by The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall went extremely well, images from the event can be found below.   The Prince of Wales and The Duchess… Read more »

Our ship’s ratter ‘Hatch’ is getting around a lot at the moment. Not only have we recently started stocking his guide to the Mary Rose in our shop, but he’s also been the subject of our half term activity, which will be having its last day on Friday, 21st February.   It may seem odd,… Read more »

We know that the Mary Rose Museum might not immediately spring to mind as a wedding venue. However, the museum’s beautiful events spaces really do create a magical location in which to celebrate your special day.   Enter the enthralling world of King Henry VIII’s pride and joy: the Mary Rose. The museum is truly… Read more »

Merchant Adventurers by James Evans is an extraordinary story of discovery, adventure, daring and tragedy. We are very excited that James will be visiting the Mary Rose Museum on the 20/02/2014 to give a free talk on his book.    In 1553 three ships set sail north-east from London in search of the rich civilizations… Read more »

Mary Rose Battle honours Armada 1588 Cadiz 1596 Lowestoft 1665 Four Days’ Battle 1666 Orfordness 1666 The Seven Algerines 1669 Sole Bay 1672 Schoonveld 1673 Texel 1673 Jutland 1916 Scandanavian Convoy 1917 What many people don’t realise is that the Mary Rose currently on display in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard wasn’t the last naval vessel to… Read more »

Discover a gripping tale of daring, discovery, tragedy and adventure this February with James Evans, author of the best-selling “Merchant Adventurers”, the story of the attempt by Tudor merchants to discover a northern trade route to China. Although their mission was doomed to failure, their achievements would lay the foundations for England’s trade expansion on… Read more »