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“The judges agreed that the scale of the Mary Rose Museum project’s achievements over the past several decades – in which it has undertaken the rescue and restoration of a great Tudor ship and its contents – is unparalleled, unprecedented and a monumental national achievement. The public’s experience in the beautiful new building is one… Read more »

Much is made of the Mary Rose’s last battle, but you rarely hear about her first, the Battle of Saint-Mathieu, 33 years earlier.   Europe, 1512; The War of the League of Cambrai was waging, and at this point England had allied itself with Spain, the Papal states and the Holy Roman Empire against an… Read more »

The Mary Rose Museum has won the Project of the Year category at the Building Awards 2014. Dedicated to rewarding excellence and outstanding performance in the UK construction industry, the Building Awards brings together some of the most influential figures in the business to celebrate exceptional UK projects.   The award scheme’s prestigious panel of… Read more »

The 2nd April 2014 was a day in which people involved in the Mary Rose project were recognised, both in its past and its present.   Firstly, we unveiled a bust of Alexander McKee, the man who started the project to rediscover the Mary Rose back in 1965. After a fundraising campaign by Henry Yelf,… Read more »

Chris Dobbs was an archaeologist who dived down to the Mary Rose and helped with the excavation in 1982. Chris is now Head of Interpretation at the Mary Rose Trust.  He was kind enough to share his experience with me in this interview.   Kay: “Hi Chris, first of all I’d like to know how… Read more »