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The Great History Quiz : The Tudors BBC 2. Christmas Eve, 9pm The Mary Rose Trust has had the unique opportunity to be involved in BBC 2’s The Great History Quiz : The Tudors. Seven artefacts were taken from cases inside the Mary Rose Museum to Elstree Studios where the quiz was recorded back in… Read more »

Hello, I’m Johanna, one of the conservators at the Mary Rose Trust, and I’ll be taking you through some of the work that is happening behind the scenes at the museum. This particular post will cover a set of objects I have devoted a fair bit of my time here to – logs!   Over… Read more »

A snippet of interesting trivia relating to the Mary Rose, and Tudor life in general. Updated most Tuesdays. Follow us on Twitter at @MaryRoseMuseum, or the hashtag #TudorTrivia Parrel Assemblages While most of the rigging of the Mary Rose was removed during the Tudor attempts to recover the ship, some spare elements were recovered below decks, including this… Read more »

If you’re craving a bit of Tudor warship-action, why not have a go at making our special Monday Make model!   It’s not 100% accurate, but it looks nice on the shelf, and is extra special as it can be folded away for easy storage! Plus it comes in both colour and black and white,… Read more »

Up for some Christmas fun? Why not have a go at our Tudor Christmas Wordsearch!   Just click on the image below to download the pdf version, print it out and away you go! The record in our office is 4 minutes, can you beat it?  Share on Tumblr

In December, we needed to relocate a three ton demi cannon in the Upper Deck Context Gallery to the Admiral’s Gallery next door as it was in the way of a planned new airlock. A simple task you might think, especially with the museum closed due to the Phase 2 works. It actually required weeks… Read more »

Earlier this year, the team at Micropasts helped to produce 3D models of three artefacts recovered during the excavation of the Mary Rose, the results of this work can be seen at   The Mary Rose Trust are very excited to be working with Micropasts again.  This time, we will be working towards the… Read more »