Monthly Archives: February 2016

Everybody goes to the toilet, even in Tudor times, but what facilities were available on the Mary Rose?   There is little to show what the crew did when they were ‘caught short’, as on vessels of this time the toilets, or heads, were usually located at the very front, or bow of the ship,… Read more »

Since the end of November 2015 the Mary Rose Museum has been closed, with only a mini exhibition and film available to our visitors. During this period, we’ve had nearly 9,000 visitors, and according to our surveys they’ve all gone away satisfied, but even so, they still ask “What’s going on in the museum?”  … Read more »

    The Mary Rose Museum have teamed up with EBP South to deliver a new and exciting Maths challenge to pupils across the area. The day is designed to enthuse young people in a subject sometimes seen as boring or difficult. ‘Feed the Fleet’ is a Tudor themed challenge for Year 4 pupils to… Read more »