Monthly Archives: August 2017

Tomorrow you will get the chance to see over 200 years of Royal Navy history from a single viewpoint, as the Mary Rose Museum opens their bridge balcony, which overlooks HMS Victory, HMS M33 and the latest addition to the Fleet, HMS Queen Elizabeth!   At 1pm you will be served either Prosecco or Orange Juice… Read more »

On August 17th-18th, during our Totally Tudor Costume week,  the Mary Rose Museum will be receiving a special visit from one of the wives of HRH King Henry VIII, who with their Ladies in Waiting will be making their Royal Progress through the museum, meeting visitors and surveying what remains of her husband’s favourite warship, the… Read more »

July has been a very busy month on the Mary Rose Digitisation Project. At the end of the month, we reached the major milestone of 7,500 digitised images. This marks the half way point towards our Phase 1 target of 15,000 digitised images. A huge congratulations to the Collections Volunteers for their enthusiasm and support… Read more »

“We are greatly saddened by news of actor Robert Hardy’s death. He was a true gentleman and joy to work with. Robert’s work with the Mary Rose has been transformational as the leading specialist on the longbow.  Without his enthusiasm, skill and knowledge of the craft of archery, the subject would be much diminished.  ”… Read more »

It wasn’t just the Mary Rose Trust who were diving on the Mary Rose wrecksite…   During the excavation on the Mary Rose, two cuttlefish appeared to live on the wreck site and were adopted by the divers as pets. One was affectionately called Cuthbert, as can be seen in this article from the Portsmouth News,… Read more »