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Quarter of a million visitors for the Mary Rose Museum

The Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard today welcomed its 250,000th visitor on Tuesday 8th October, just 18 weeks since the doors first opened on 31st May 2013.

At 1.30pm today. Mavis Roberts accompanied by her husband Kingsley who had traveled down from Bishop’s Stortford became the 250,000th guest.

This fantastic news comes just three days before we commemorate the 31st anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose on 11th October 1982.

Chief Executive of The Mary Rose Trust, Rear Admiral John Lippiett said, “To achieve our 250,000th visitor in such a short time far exceeds all our expectations! We are thrilled both with the record numbers and with the overwhelming response, which reflects the excitement that the new exhibition is generating. Not only have we welcomed visitors from our immediate area and across the UK, but also a considerable number from right across the world.


The vast majority of artefacts, on display for the first time, are drawing in visitors all amazed at their state of preservation. In particular, there is a real interest in how we are telling the story of the crew through key individuals and their possessions.


We are also pleased to say that the drying out of the hull is progressing very well, and are even now drawing up plans for the removal of the drying equipment and the interior walls between the ship and the visitors. The future is very bright.”


Paul Griffiths, Head of Operations at The Mary Rose Museum said, “I’m delighted that I’m able to welcome our 250,000th visitor. During the same time period last year, the former Mary Rose museum welcomed 55,000 visitors. To have had a quarter of a million visitors through our doors so quickly has been a huge challenge for my wonderful team of staff and volunteers in new surroundings. 

 I have been delighted with the way the crew have welcomed each and every person, managing this with unwavering professionalism which is reflected through the fabulous responses we have received from visitors from across the world”


You can buy your tickets for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard online or at our Visitor Centre where you’ll be invited to book a time-slot for the Mary Rose Museum.


Ticket and visiting information is available on www.historicdockyard.co.uk

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