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As a visitor to the Mary Rose Museum it would be hard not to notice the Cowdray Engraving that dominates the first gallery that you enter, staff and volunteers talk about it and you can even buy merchandise in our shop featuring its design!   But what’s it all about? Where did it come from… Read more »

The Mary Rose Trust is situated in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and Naval Base, a place full of history and associated with many world firsts and notable people. For example in 1495 the first ever dry dock was built and in 1906 Dreadnought was launched, the first steam-turbine powered battleship. Some of the buildings we occupy… Read more »

Christmas Stocking on the Galley

The Mary Rose saw 33 Christmases during her career as a warship, usually moored either somewhere in the Thames or here in Portsmouth, except during the winter of 1513 when she was part of a small patrolling unit under the command of Sir Weston Browne.   Whilst she was laid up there would be a… Read more »