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The Tale of Eddy the Lost Bear

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter may remember the picture on the left. This small knitted bear had been found by one of our team in the Museum, and had been placed in lost property. When he hadn’t been collected at the end of the day, he was passed on to our digital marketing team, who leaped into action and posted this picture of him hanging out with Henry VIII on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We’d managed to reunite a lost toy with its owner once before, so we were confident it would help, but we never imagined how far it would spread, especially on Facebook where this image received 133 shares, and was seen by over 10,000 people, our most popular post since our museum launch at the end of May!


It was a week before we got an e-mail from Alexa Munn, identifying the bear as “Eddy” belonging to her daughter Bethany. Once we had proof that the bear was hers, he was packed up with a few things to keep him entertained on the journey, and he made his way home.


Since arriving with his family, he’s been on a few other adventures to places like the Bovingdon Tank Museum and Durdle Door in Dorset, but we like to think he enjoyed his time with us the most!


Clearly he’s been sharing his adventures at the Mary Rose Museum with young Bethany, as she’s apparently been drawing pictures of the Mary Rose non-stop all summer! She’s also sent us this picture (right), courtesy of her mum, of herself, Eddy and one of her drawings!


Huge thanks to Alexa, Bethany, Eddy and everyone who helped us reunite them!

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