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Blue Peter returns to the Mary Rose Museum!

For many, Blue Peter was an introduction to the Mary Rose project and the popular children’s programme had special access during the 1980s.


Sarah Greene filming on dive vessel Sleipner in 1982

Blue Peter’s Sarah Greene filming on dive vessel Sleipner in 1982
Image courtesy Kester Keighley

On 19th May 1982,  presenter Sarah Greene made a 13 metre dive to the wreck. Two days later, Sarah and fellow presenter Simon Groom  visited the HRH The Prince of Wales, the President of the Trust who showed them some of the treasures recovered, including a ‘dead eye’, one of the blocks used to hoist the sails. She was also on hand to report on the raising of the wreck on 11th October 1982.


Since then, Blue Peter has been almost synonymous with the Mary Rose, and the show is probably where the majority of the UK population heard about us!


We were, therefore, delighted to welcome current CBBC Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya behind the scenes at the Mary Rose to see the vital conservation work still going on.


Radzi said “Coming to see the Mary Rose was fantastic.  Blue Peter’s Sarah Greene dived to see the Mary Rose 34 years ago and now I’m here, seeing this 500 year old history brought back to life and continue to live. It’s unforgettable.”

Radzi meets the Mary Rose conservation team!

Radzi (centre) with Conservation Manager David Pearson (left) and Head of Research Alex Hildred (right)


Watch CBBC Blue Peter today, 13th October, at 1700hrs to see how he got on.

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