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British Ambassador to Sweden meets Mary Rose Team

During the Mary Rose trip to Sweden, the team got to meet a VIP! Here’s Diane Budden with the full story…

The British Ambassador to Sweden with the Management teams of the Vasa Museum and the Mary Rose

On the 12th of November 2015 the Mary Rose team were delighted to be joined by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Sweden, Mr David Cairns and his wife Sharon, at the null, Stockholm for a lecture and refreshments.  The lecture, presented by Fred Hocker, focused on the current research programme at the Vasa and its commitment to involving all the Vasa staff.  Afterwards refreshments were served giving the Vasa and the Mary Rose staff a chance to get to know each other better.


Ambassador Cairns was interested in hearing about the links that have developed over the years between the Mary Rose Trust and the Vasa Museum.  This included the conservation and curatorial aspects that have helped conserve and present both ships.  However he was particularly fascinated in the International Peer Review Project and talked with Paul Griffiths and James Rodliff about the recent visits to Vasa and their experiences.  The Peer Review Project was drawn up between the two organisations as a way of developing an already well-established relationship by providing focussed feedback in order to improve performance.  He was also impressed at the number and experience of the volunteers that support the Mary Rose Museum.


Ambassador Cairns and his wife have recently been posted to Sweden and they appeared to enjoy the opportunity to make new contacts and learn more about our shared cultural experiences.  He also offered his assistance to the Mary Rose and the Vasa as necessary.




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