As you know, Hatch, the Mary Rose’s ratter, is on deployment with HMS Duncan, patrolling the Persian Gulf.   While he may not actually have his own uniform, we’ve created a unique version of our papercraft Hatch, complete with customised division patch. You can even chose between two hats, one for HMS Duncan, the… Read more »


Back in February 2014, we took delivery of a sample of our Henry VIII rubber duck, which we worked with the company Yarto to design. We all thought he was lovely, so our digital marketing team grabbed a few snaps of him, and to whet your appetites, put his photo (left) online, expecting a few… Read more »

Tudor Trivia

A snippet of interesting trivia relating to the Mary Rose, and Tudor life in general. Updated most Tuesdays. Follow us on Twitter at @MaryRoseMuseum, or the hashtag #TudorTrivia   Tudor Trivia – 18th August 2015 – Feeding the Five Hundred With a crew of 500 mariners and soldiers to feed, it was important that food… Read more »


With the School Holidays in full flow, you’ll be wanting something to entertain the kids over the next six weeks, so why not start with our cut-out-and-make Henry VIII!   Henry has paper-spring legs, meaning he can sit on desks and shelves, looking out across his kingdom, as well as on flat surfaces. Make sure… Read more »

The Cowdray Engraving, depicting the Battle of the Solent and the Loss of the Mary Rose.

As a visitor to the Mary Rose Museum it would be hard not to notice the Cowdray Engraving that dominates the first gallery that you enter, staff and volunteers talk about it and you can even buy merchandise in our shop featuring its design!   But what’s it all about? Where did it come from… Read more »

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard provides a perfect opportunity to study large portions of history. For many years, the Mary Rose Museum and HMS Warrior 1860 have collaborated on exciting learning opportunities making the most of the similarities and differences between the two ships.   In 2011, HMS Warrior 1860 finished the refurbishment of the ship’s sick… Read more »


As part of the Excel Placement Programme at the University of Southampton I worked as a project intern at the Mary Rose Trust for 4 weeks. My main task was to design and carry out an evaluation of the museum shop. Even though my placement was for a short period I was lucky enough to… Read more »


If you visit our neighbour HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, in the Port arena (the one they share with us) is an information board naming all 821 crew who fought at the battle of Trafalgar. People find it fascinating looking up the names, seeing if they have a relative on board (though if it’s… Read more »


When HMS Duncan departed on her maiden mission on 2nd March, she took with her an extra crewmember – Hatch, the ship’s dog from the Mary Rose!   Obviously, this wasn’t the real dog, whose preserved remains are on display in the Mary Rose’s multi-award winning museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, but a cuddly replica…. Read more »