As March is Craft Month, we’ve decided to add a new papercraft model to our range!   This is a model of one of our Galley furnaces, a pair of which were found in a state of disrepair in the hold area of the Mary Rose.   These galley ovens were made of bricks, one… Read more »

One of the wonderful things about the Mary Rose is that the artefacts tell the story of the lives of ordinary sailors, people who otherwise would remain unrecorded in history. However, there is one account of the activities of Mary Rose sailors in official records, but sadly they weren’t distinguishing themselves…   On 11th June… Read more »

Our ship’s ratter ‘Hatch’ is getting around a lot at the moment. Not only have we recently started stocking his guide to the Mary Rose in our shop, but he’s also been the subject of our half term activity, which will be having its last day on Friday, 21st February.   It may seem odd,… Read more »

We know that the Mary Rose Museum might not immediately spring to mind as a wedding venue. However, the museum’s beautiful events spaces really do create a magical location in which to celebrate your special day.   Enter the enthralling world of King Henry VIII’s pride and joy: the Mary Rose. The museum is truly… Read more »

Merchant Adventurers by James Evans is an extraordinary story of discovery, adventure, daring and tragedy. We are very excited that James will be visiting the Mary Rose Museum on the 20/02/2014 to give a free talk on his book.    In 1553 three ships set sail north-east from London in search of the rich civilizations… Read more »

Mary Rose Battle honours Armada 1588 Cadiz 1596 Lowestoft 1665 Four Days’ Battle 1666 Orfordness 1666 The Seven Algerines 1669 Sole Bay 1672 Schoonveld 1673 Texel 1673 Jutland 1916 Scandanavian Convoy 1917 What many people don’t realise is that the Mary Rose currently on display in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard wasn’t the last naval vessel to… Read more »

Studying the 1980s in your school? St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Waterlooville kicked off their 1980s topic with a visit from the Mary Rose team.   On 11 October 1982 all eyes were on Portsmouth as King Henry VIII’s ship was raised from the seabed after 437 years. 60 million people worldwide watched the… Read more »

The Battle of the Solent is one of those events in history that had the potential to be very important, but is pretty much unknown. Indeed, many people who live near the Solent probably would never have heard of this battle on their doorstep if it weren’t for the loss of the Mary Rose, and… Read more »

Well, hasn’t 2013 been a busy year! Here’s our rundown of what happened. (and if we’ve forgotten anything, please do let us know on Facebook or Twitter!) January January started very coldly, with snow covering most of the UK, and we had to close the museum for a few days. For those people eager to… Read more »

The main part of the Mary Rose Museum is currently closed for our Phase 2 works (we still have our mini exhibition though, as well as our travelling Pop-up Museum!), but if you really want to visit, you can always make your own with today’s Monday Make!   It’s a bit of a fiddly one,… Read more »