Studying the 1980s in your school? St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Waterlooville kicked off their 1980s topic with a visit from the Mary Rose team.   On 11 October 1982 all eyes were on Portsmouth as King Henry VIII’s ship was raised from the seabed after 437 years. 60 million people worldwide watched the… Read more »

The Battle of the Solent is one of those events in history that had the potential to be very important, but is pretty much unknown. Indeed, many people who live near the Solent probably would never have heard of this battle on their doorstep if it weren’t for the loss of the Mary Rose, and… Read more »

Well, hasn’t 2013 been a busy year! Here’s our rundown of what happened. (and if we’ve forgotten anything, please do let us know on Facebook or Twitter!) January January started very coldly, with snow covering most of the UK, and we had to close the museum for a few days. For those people eager to… Read more »

The main part of the Mary Rose Museum is currently closed for our Phase 2 works (we still have our mini exhibition though, as well as our travelling Pop-up Museum!), but if you really want to visit, you can always make your own with today’s Monday Make!   It’s a bit of a fiddly one,… Read more »

In the last 12 months the Mary Rose Museum has enjoyed considerable success as a truly unique venue for both corporate and private events. Since May 2013 our dedicated Hospitality team have hosted 70 events, including our first ever wedding reception! We are extremely proud of our event spaces, as well as the stunning views… Read more »

A recent study has shown that playing boardgames can improve a child’s mathematical abilities. Whether that’s true or not is another thing, but it shows that even though we live in an increasingly digital age, people still like playing board games!   Which is lucky for us, as we’ve recently launched a few of our own,… Read more »

This week’s Monday Make is a bit more challenging, an Iron Gun! Sadly, it doesn’t work, but it’s based on gun 81A2614, a Port Piece which, rather unexpectedly for most people, is actually a breech loader!  A chamber at the rear could be removed, allowing it to be loaded with powder, while the shot was… Read more »

Everyone loves Hatch, the small whippet/terrier cross who was responsible for keeping the rat population down on the Mary Rose, so we thought, “Why not let everyone make their own?”     There are two versions to download; a colour one based on our museum mascot, and a black and white one you can colour however… Read more »

  One of the many interesting items in our museum is the Master Gunner’s Tankard, with the decorated lid and image on a gun on the front. Made of Oak, Beech and Poplar, this flagon was found outside the carpenter’s cabin, in close proximity to the dog’s skeleton!   The lid features a Fleur de… Read more »