Think outside the box – in our amazing space!   Everyone knows what’s supposed to happen on those breakout sessions and corporate awaydays. Blue-sky thinking (even though you’re stuck in a boring room-without-a-view), pushing the envelope (even though everything feels more back-of-the-envelope) and all the hope that perishes when the attendees realise it’s still four… Read more »

According to the website, experiential meetings are a hot theme for 2017.     The experts suggest that businesses and companies will ‘continue to look for experiences and adventures’ and ‘synergy between location and property’.   We may be a teeny bit biased but we think we have some pretty amazing synergy at the… Read more »

“Hello, my name is Sam and I have had the great pleasure of working with the Mary Rose Learning Team in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Learning Centre for the last two weeks. Sadly, my time is now over and I will be returning to the University of Chichester to continue my teaching degree.    … Read more »

    2016 has been in interesting year, for many reasons both bad and good, depending on your point of view. For the Mary Rose Trust, though, it’s mostly been positive January January, as those of you who’ve been with us a while will know, is usually a fairly quiet month.   While this year… Read more »

Powder Ladle (Pear wood) Remains of up to 21 Powder Ladles were recovered from the Mary Rose. They were used to load powder, most likely in a canvas pouch or cartridge, into a muzzle loading gun. The actual ‘ladle’ part was made of iron or, in this case, copper which was less likely to generate a… Read more »

Carpenter’s chest with dove-tail joints This chest was found in the Carpenters’ cabin and contained a variety of personal items, including finger rings, pewter plates, a book, some lead weights and dice in a leather pouch, and the sundial in a box.   Dovetail joints were uncommon in carpentry of 16th Century Britain, suggesting that… Read more »

French Ware Bottle This wicker-covered whiteware flask was found on the Orlop Deck of the Mary Rose, in a chest believed to have belonged to one of the officers.  The style is similar to others produced at the time in Martincamp, a pottery making village in the Beauvais region of France, so these bottles were… Read more »

Boatswain’s Call This silver boatswain’s call and was recovered from the main deck of the Mary Rose. The silk ribbon is original.   Despite the colloquial term we used above, not all calls were worn by boatswains. During this period, the call whistle was worn as a badge of office by officers such as the… Read more »

Ornate Ring While many silver rings were found on the Mary Rose, this one, found on the orlop deck in association with a paternoster and a number of silver coins, is one of the more ornate designs. Although it has been heavily corroded during its time under the sea, you can still make out some… Read more »