Monday Makes

This week’s Monday Make is a bit more challenging, an Iron Gun! Sadly, it doesn’t work, but it’s based on gun 81A2614, a Port Piece which, rather unexpectedly for most people, is actually a breech loader!  A chamber at the rear could be removed, allowing it to be loaded with powder, while the shot was… Read more »

Everyone loves Hatch, the small whippet/terrier cross who was responsible for keeping the rat population down on the Mary Rose, so we thought, “Why not let everyone make their own?”     There are two versions to download; a colour one based on our museum mascot, and a black and white one you can colour however… Read more »

  One of the many interesting items in our museum is the Master Gunner’s Tankard, with the decorated lid and image on a gun on the front. Made of Oak, Beech and Poplar, this flagon was found outside the carpenter’s cabin, in close proximity to the dog’s skeleton!   The lid features a Fleur de… Read more »