Everybody goes to the toilet, even in Tudor times, but what facilities were available on the Mary Rose?   There is little to show what the crew did when they were ‘caught short’, as on vessels of this time the toilets, or heads, were usually located at the very front, or bow of the ship,… Read more »

Since the end of November 2015 the Mary Rose Museum has been closed, with only a mini exhibition and film available to our visitors. During this period, we’ve had nearly 9,000 visitors, and according to our surveys they’ve all gone away satisfied, but even so, they still ask “What’s going on in the museum?”  … Read more »

A Year at the Mary Rose Museum A review of 2015 by our blogger, Simon. All opinions are his, and don’t necessarily reflect those of the Mary Rose Trust. So, another year over, and it’s time for another look over the last twelve months! You’d think after being open eighteen months things would quieten down,… Read more »

The Great History Quiz : The Tudors BBC 2. Christmas Eve, 9pm The Mary Rose Trust has had the unique opportunity to be involved in BBC 2’s The Great History Quiz : The Tudors. Seven artefacts were taken from cases inside the Mary Rose Museum to Elstree Studios where the quiz was recorded back in… Read more »

Earlier this year, the team at Micropasts helped to produce 3D models of three artefacts recovered during the excavation of the Mary Rose, the results of this work can be seen at   The Mary Rose Trust are very excited to be working with Micropasts again.  This time, we will be working towards the… Read more »

‘Ringing the Changes’: Mary Rose Museum to re-open in 2016 with unrestricted views of the ship   This November the Mary Rose will embark upon the next stage in her long and remarkable history.   This exciting chapter of the Mary Rose Museum will see an extraordinary transformation in visitor experience. The walls that currently… Read more »

During the Mary Rose trip to Sweden, the team got to meet a VIP! Here’s Diane Budden with the full story… On the 12th of November 2015 the Mary Rose team were delighted to be joined by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Sweden, Mr David Cairns and his wife Sharon, at the null, Stockholm for a… Read more »

Over the weekend we sent two of our volunteers, Tony Green and Barry Reah, to London to represent us at the Lord Mayor’s Show. Here is their story, in their own words; “Saturday 14th November saw a very early start. Because of railway engineering works, we set off at 7.30 for Guildford, parked the car… Read more »

Congratulations to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) volunteer team at the Mary Rose Museum for winning the South East Marsh Volunteer Award last night. This is the seventh year The British Museum and the Marsh Christian Trust have been working in partnership for the ‘Volunteers for Museum Learning’ award. The awards recognises the… Read more »