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Behind Closed Doors – Timelapse inside the Hotbox

While many of you enjoyed our look at what has been going on inside the galleries since we closed the main museum at the end of November, there was still the question “What about inside the hotbox, where the ship is?”


Well, we’ve had a timelapse camera installed, and we’re pleased to be able to bring you this look at what’s been going on over the last three months.

As you can see, the south wall of the hotbox has been taken down, and preparations are being made to install the glazing. The whole area is still climate controlled, and it’s very important it stays that way, so although it might look like we’re almost finished, there’s still a lot more to do!


Find out more about the project on our Phase 2 page, and find out how you can help our work at maryrose.org/support-us 

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