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The Mary Rose Museum celebrates its First Birthday!

At the end of this month on Saturday 31st May, the multi-award winning Mary Rose Museum will turn one, marking a year since the new centrepiece of Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard first opened.


Having since been shortlisted for the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2014, the Museum has been described as Europe’s most ambitious heritage construction project.


Its launch laid down another stepping stone in the journey to fully restoring the iconic flagship, and presenting it in a way that is both environmentally-controlled and a sight to behold for visitors.


The museum, one of Portsmouth’s newest headlining attractions, can boast of 470,000 visitors since its launch one year ago, coming from all over the world.


Visitors have also been enjoying the learning programme which the museum runs, which inspires children, students, and community groups of all ages and abilities.


Historian David Starkey described the museum as “this country’s Pompeii,” saying that it paints “the finest picture of the world of sixteenth century life.


John Lippiett, Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Museum, said: “It’s been a momentous year and we couldn’t be happier with the response the museum has received.  To see the reaction of visitors of all ages and from across the world is incredible.  I am enormously proud of everyone’s achievements in the creation of the museum and the frist anniversary is a fitting tribute to the professionalism and hard work of the entire team.”


Local resident Barry Reah joined as a volunteer soon after the museum’s launch one year ago. Since then, he has met The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, and The Duchess of Cornwall.


He said of his experiences: “My wife and I came to visit the Mary Rose a month after the new museum opened. I was completely captured by the atmosphere of the place and now I’m retired, it inspired me to become a volunteer in my spare time. My Tudor costume is a real ice-breaker and I’ve met so many people, including Royalty! It’s a great feeling to be part of the team celebrating the museum’s first birthday!

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