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Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear
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Here we have a Tudor Hand Fishing set, consisting of a willow frame (approx. 30cm long), lead weights (top), cork floats, one of which bares what may be a personal mark (right), and a wooden disgorger (inside the frame), one of only two British example from the period. There would also be handlines, which would probably have been made from hemp, which if untreated rots in seawater, and hooks which, if made of metal, have not survived in a recognisable form. Due to their religious beliefs, the crew of the Mary Rose would have been required to eat fish three days of the week. As there is evidence that this was taken into account, and plenty of salted fish was provisioned to the Mary Rose, why would they need to catch more? It’s most likely that, as today, some of the crew enjoyed fishing as a hobby, and would spend time on longer voyages fishing to supplement their rations. The discovery of the fishing gear in personal chests, rather than ship's stores, would back up this hypothesis. Image © Mary Rose Trust