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Hatch-Making at the Mary Rose Museum this Half Term

Our ship’s ratter ‘Hatch’ is getting around a lot at the moment. Not only have we recently started stocking his guide to the Mary Rose in our shop, but he’s also been the subject of our half term activity, which will be having its last day on Friday, 21st February.

The real ‘Hatch’


It may seem odd, but apart from a few fundraising trips to places like dog shows, we’ve never really made a big thing of our little dog, found near the carpenter’s cabin of the Mary Rose back in 1981. However, he’s always proved popular, even before he went on display. In the old ship hall the audio guide used to mention him, and it’s interesting to note that people would show more sympathy for him than they did for the human crew! Clearly we are still a nation of dog lovers.


You hear people say that these days kids aren’t interested unless an activity is on a computer, but from what we’ve seen that’s nonsense.  We always had loads of interest when doing craft activities in our old museum, whether it was making armour and crowns from silver card, or flags or 2D model ships, because kids (and somewhat older, bigger kids) love making things. That’s one of the reasons why, in December, we ran our Monday Makes, a new papercraft object each week based on an artefact, or even the museum itself!


This is why this half term we gave the ‘Hatch’ we produced for ‘Monday Makes’ a little redesign, and spent over an hour printing hundreds of them onto card, so our young visitors could take away their very own nodding model of their favourite rat catcher.


And take them home they did! We had hundreds of youngsters with their parents come into the education area where we had tables set up for them to colour, cut and assemble their little ‘Hatch’s.


Below is a selection of photos from the first day of our activity, if you brought your children and made a ‘Hatch’, we’d love to see them, so please post them to our Facebook page!

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