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Inspiring the Archaeologists of the Future!

The Southampton branch of the Young Archaeologists’ Club visited the Mary Rose Museum this month.


The YAC members and leaders took part in a roundabout of activities.  They compared wet and dry ‘dig’ environments; identified ‘mystery’ objects; investigated materials under the microscope and looked at what human remains can tell us about people in the past.


Amie, Museum Guide, archaeology graduate and former YAC leader and Clare, Learning Officer, were on hand to answer questions.


Amie: “It was brilliant to be able to share my passion for archaology and the Mary Rose which such enthusiastic  young people. It was great working with the leaders who could relate the activities we were doing to what the YACs had already learned. It’s such an amazing and varied club that involves all ages from 8-16. It’s a brilliant way to get involved with the practical side of history and is a great way to learn important skills like teambuilding, looking at evidence, science and maths.”


Clare: “It was really interesting comparing notes. We looked at the Mary Rose nine men’s morris game and compared  it with a 13th Century one found on a dig in Cornwall by one of the leaders. As a game the Romans played and one we can download as an app today, it’s a great object for making links across great spans of history. It just shows people don’t change that much!” 


We finished the workshop with some ‘experimental archaology’ investigating how the Mary Rose sank!


After that there was time to investigate the museum where the ‘have a go’ longbows and Henry VIII duck in the shop went down particularly well!


Alex, YAC leader: All the leaders agreed that it was a brilliant meeting – we love getting involved and the hands-on element was perfect for that. There was a really good mix of activities in the workshop which engaged all of our Young Archaeologists, and I think they particularly enjoyed the group activity at the end where we tried not to sink the ship! This year we’ve planned to get out and about a bit more in Hampshire so that we can explore more of the archaeology of our area. Our visit to the Mary Rose fit with this perfectly as it’s a Hampshire based artefact and a great example of the work of maritime archaeologists. Thanks again for a fantastic session.”


Anna, YAC leader:We all had a great time on Saturday – it’s always a treat to visit the Mary Rose but the sessions really helped to put the museum in context.”

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The Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) is the only UK-wide club for young people aged up to 17 interested in archaeology. The club is run by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), an educational charity working for 70 years to promote ‘Archaeology for All’YAC’s vision is for all young people to have opportunities to be inspired and excited by archaeology, and to empower them to help shape its future.



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