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Life on Board by Springwood Junior School

The Loss of the Mary Rose by Geoff Hunt PPRSMA


Springwood Junior School in Waterlooville, Hampshire, came to visit the Mary Rose Museum recently and they were  inspired to write some descriptive pieces based on what life would have been like for the crew members of the Mary Rose on a normal day and when the ship sank.


They very kindly sent us some examples, so we thought we’d share them with you!


“Suddenly I could hear the captain say, “Ship ahoy!” The only thing the crew could say back was, “Mary Rose.” Hatch was barking because he was scared. The French were coming. A storm came and the gunman were firing their cannons. The archers were shooting their arrows. Most people were screaming and crying because the waves were teasing the boat. What a dreadful day!


Below my feet, I could see the cannon balls going everywhere, tripping people over. I felt anxious, worried and frightened. The thrusting waves made the boat lurch from side to side. The monstrous waves began to pull the boat down into the watery hell by the ocean’s hunger. Then there was a fierce, devastating and humongous wave that tore the sails and pulled them to shreds. Also, the waves snapped the masts. The thrusting waves were breaking the ship. I’m not quite sure how the Mary Rose sank. Did the French successfully sink her or did she sink on her own? All I know is, I survived.”

Layla, Year 3


“Suddenly, I head a big BANG. It was the cannons firing. I looked outside and saw the French attacking. The archers were firing their bows and arrows. There were more French than I could count but then the ship tilted. We had our gun ports open. Slowly, the ship started to sink.


Hatch was growling. I was terrified, shaken and afraid. I got out of my cabin and there was water surrounding my feet. Beneath me, I could hear the ocean’s hunger pulling the ship down. I could see sailors drowning. The ship was falling apart as the cannon balls struck the ship. Everyone was yelling “HELP!” but no one could hear us.


The monstrous waves were rolling in and flooding the ship. I saw the cannon balls and the barrels rolling across the floor. The masts snapped with a big CRACK. Up above, there were seagulls singing at this tragic moment. There was nothing I could do but call for help. The thrusting waves rolled inside. I’m not quite sure if the wind blew the ship over or if the French truly sunk us. All I know is that I survived.”

Albie, Year 3


“It was not only me, the whole crew noticed French, lightning and disaster striking. In no time at all three cannons started blowing again and again. Not knowing what was going on the bossy captain screamed, “ship aho- yikes!” Even though he didn’t say it in full I said, “Mary Rose” as the gunners, and all the archers, were pulled down into the watery hell.


Above me, another wave came down, and in no time I was crushed by the masts. I hoped my mum had taught me how to swim. As it sank, I heard a faint, “woof, woof, woof”. It was Hatch! I survived, but how? Well, thanks to a barrel. I personally think it was the gun ports left open.”

Alex, Year 3


“Suddenly all of the crew members were starting to get scared, worried and anxious. Whilst the stormy winds started, the boat started to tilt. When everybody was screaming the captain said, “Ship ahoy,” and the crew yelled back, “Mary Rose.” All I could hear were cannons firing at the French. The waves were starting to get very, very monstrous.


Above me, I could hear the song of the seagulls. They were very loud and flying away. Under the thundery sky I thought the ship was starting to sink but luckily it wasn’t. Then It took a very tight turn and it really was starting to sink! After the sails had fallen off, the Mary Rose was pulled down into the watery hell. What if you were on the Mary Rose, would you feel scared and anxious? I head a big bang and it was too loud. The boat started to crack and it hurt my ears. I don’t know how to actually sank, by the wind or by the French. But luckily I survived.”

Chloe, Year 3

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