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Make your own Master Gunner’s Flagon!

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Our model next to a full-sized replica


One of the many interesting items in our museum is the Master Gunner’s Tankard, with the decorated lid and image on a gun on the front. Made of Oak, Beech and Poplar, this flagon was found outside the carpenter’s cabin, in close proximity to the dog’s skeleton!


The lid features a Fleur de Lis within a crown, supported by a rose and surrounded by the motto SIT DEVS NOBIS CUN [SIC] QUID CONTRA NOS (‘If God be with us who can be against us?’), a very early example of the three feathers motif. A cannon is incised on the staves but this could be a visual pun, as when viewed sideways (while pouring) the cannon becomes a somewhat stylised figure of a man carrying what looks like a gunshield.


Sadly, we currently have no plans to sell replicas of this item, but you can do the next best thing, and make your own with our printable papercraft version!


There are two versions to download; a colour one and a black and white one you can colour however you want!

Download PDF (319kb)

Download PDF (319kb)


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