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Make your own Galley Oven!

As March is Craft Month, we’ve decided to add a new papercraft model to our range!


The galley oven model, next to one of the original galley bricks recovered from the Mary Rose

This is a model of one of our Galley furnaces, a pair of which were found in a state of disrepair in the hold area of the Mary Rose.


These galley ovens were made of bricks, one of which is pictured with a finished version of the galley model on the left. This meant that no matter how hot the galley became, it wouldn’t set fire to the ship as the bricks provided excellent insulation against the heat.


All the food for the crew was cooked in these ovens, the officers’ food being cooked in front of the open fire at the front, with the rest of the crew getting their food from the large copper cauldron on the top. Bread and biscuits could also be cooked on this oven, once the fires inside had died down, the embers providing the heat from the sides.


As always, we recommend printing this model onto thin card. Also, the hole in the top for the cauldron will need cutting out with a craft knife, so make sure this is done by a responsible adult!

Download PDF (92kb)

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