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Make your own Iron Gun

Iron GunThis week’s Monday Make is a bit more challenging, an Iron Gun!

Sadly, it doesn’t work, but it’s based on gun 81A2614, a Port Piece which, rather unexpectedly for most people, is actually a breech loader!  A chamber at the rear could be removed, allowing it to be loaded with powder, while the shot was placed in the barrel. the chamber was replaced, primed and lit, forcing the shot out!

Sadly, these guns didn’t have the strength of the muzzle-loading bronze guns, so they became obsolete around the time of the sinking of the Mary Rose.


There are two versions to download; a colour one and a black and white one you can colour however you want! Either way, we recommend printing it onto thin card, to make him a bit sturdier. We also suggest sticking the wheels onto thick card, as this will give it extra stability and make it look more realistic.


If you have a go at making one, please send us a picture, either via e-mail or on Facebook or Twitter!

Download PDF pt 1 (67.4kb)

Download PDF pt 1 (77.7kb)

Download PDF pt 2 (97.9kb)


Donload PDF pt 2 (91.8kb)

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