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Mary Rose Board Games coming this Christmas!

A collection of classic board games with a Mary Rose twist will be at the Mary Rose Museum in time for Christmas!


The creation of Mary Rose classics including Monopoly, Cluedo and Top Trumps is the result of collaborative work between games manufacturer Winning Moves and the Mary Rose.


The Mary Rose was approached with the idea prior to the launch of the new museum and after months in the making, the games are coming exclusively to the Mary Rose shop and Website!


Co-designed by Winning Moves, working with the team at the Mary Rose, these board games bring the Mary Rose to life in a way never experienced before!


Paul Griffiths, Head of Operations at the Mary Rose Museum said: “We are really thrilled to have our very own Mary Rose versions of these classic games. Monopoly will take you on a journey around the museum allowing you to purchase our galleries, while Cluedo is set in Tudor times whilst the Mary Rose was at sea, with participants looking to solve the mystery of who sabotaged the ship!”

Head of Interpretation Christopher Dobbs, or French gun captain Jacques Peacock?


For those who’ve visited us at the museum, you may spot the characters on the side of the Cluedo box may look a little familiar. Head of Interpretation and maritime archaeologist Christopher Dobbs, Front of House Manager James Rodliff and several other members of staff have been digitally recreated giving real authenticity to the game.


Mary Rose Monopoly sees players tour the Mary Rose Museum for the hottest properties with artefacts, display galleries and conservation areas all up for grabs!


The classic playground card game Top Trumps is based on artefacts from the new Mary Rose Museum; asking questions such as ‘Which was discovered first; the Ship’s Dog or the Ship’s Bell?’


Cluedo: Mary Rose Edition challenges you to piece together the evidence as you explore the decks, hunting for clues as to who sabotaged the ship in this fictional mystery game.


Monopoly and Top Trumps will be available to buy at The Mary Rose in time for the opening of the Festival of Christmas at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on 29th November and Cluedo will be available in the coming weeks.

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