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Mary Rose LIVE – One Week to Go!


Wow! How are we this close to #MaryRoseLIVE already? It’s been an amazing 2 months or so for everyone involved, but now is the time when reality sets in. With only 7 days left until the teams go live from the Mary Rose Museum, there is still plenty left to organise.


Mary Rose LIVE interviewIf you’ve been following #MaryRoseLIVE, you would’ve noticed that all three teams have now completed their pre-record filming schedules. The students now have until Tuesday to create and edit their shows, ready for a dress rehearsal at the university studios. This will provide each team valuable feedback and highlight any areas of concern. Any changes will need to be introduced at tip top speed as when Thursday comes, the heat turns up. Outside the Mary Rose Museum, a transformation will take place. Christopher Dobbs, Head of Interpretation at the Mary Rose, will be preparing to fire up the replica Tudor galley, found on the Mary Rose, and cameras, lights, sat trucks and TVs will be installed ready for the big day Friday.


So! How can I get involved, I hear you ask? Well, if you’re due to visit us on Friday then you’re more than welcome to come and see the live shows in action throughout the day. If you’re in Portsmouth, but unable to visit the Historic Dockyard, the show will be streamed live on Portsmouth’s Big Screen in Guildhall Square. Find out more at https://bigscreenportsmouth.co.uk/

Big Screen Portsmouth

Fear not, however, if you’re not in the region, the shows will also be streamed on YouTube via the CCI TV Channel.

CCiTV Youtube Account

But, if you’re not able to do any of these, don’t forget our hashtags for Team Red #MaryRosePeople, Team Yellow #MaryRoseStory, Team Blue #MaryRoseHistory and last but not least #MaryRoseLIVE, which can be used across all social media channels.




Being the penultimate blog, I thought I’d ask for some thoughts and comments about the live project.


Charlie Watts, Head of Red Team says “As course leader of BSc Television and Broadcasting, it is in our teaching and learning DNA to collaborate on high profile projects, and this year it has been an absolute delight to be able to collaborate with The Mary Rose. Their enthusiasm, energy and commitment to this project has been amazing! The students have spent their entire third and final year practicing for this sort of big event. It is events like these that helps students realise what they have learnt in their efforts of perfecting the whole business of live TV broadcast. I am extremely proud of the way the red team has handled the whole affair. Truth be told they are very self-sufficient, and my involvement is purely from a consultative perspective. They are ready to ‘leave the learning nest’ and are very able. It’s going to be a great programme!”


Katie Still, Senior Lecturer at the School of Creative Technologies and Head of Team Yellow says “This triple live outside broadcast extravaganza, in collaboration with The Mary Rose, has been a joy to be a part of! I have watched the students learn from this unique chance to collaborate with professionals who are passionate about their work. My knowledge of Tudor life on board this iconic ship has grown exponentially and I’m confident that the shows being finalised now, will translate into some great telly and an experience to remember!”


Helen Bonser-Wilton, CEO of The Mary Rose says “I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final shows from the teams. They have clearly put an enormous amount of work into this and I wish them well, not just for the 2nd June, but for their future careers.  I would like to thank Mary Rose staff & volunteers for welcoming the students and helping them to make a success of this.  We work closely with the University of Portsmouth on a range of projects, from research, to filming to engineering and hope to continue our partnership, which brings so many benefits to both parties.  Good luck teams Red, Yellow and Blue!”


Stacey Court-Martin


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