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The Mary Rose Museum App

The Mary Rose Museum App

The Mary Rose Museum App, available from December 13th 2016, is designed to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. As well as information on the history of the Mary Rose, it also features large print versions of the museum text, as well as an Audio Highlights tour.


Mary Rose Museum AppRather than being a “Hold Your Hand” guide, taking you through every single object in the museum, the audio highlights tour takes you through 16 of our display cases, specially selected by our interpretation team to ensure visitors capture the must-see artefacts. This leaves you with plenty of time to experience the museum for yourself, rather than having to rush past things you might otherwise miss because it “isn’t on the tour”.


The Mary Rose Audio Highlights Tour is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish, with other languages being added in 2017.


It also has geofenced notifications, which will tell you what events are taking place in the museum, but only if you’re in the area of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, so no need to worry about being bombarded with messages after your visit!


You can also access Maps of the Museum, which not only show you the visitor route and the audio highlights tour stop-off points, but also accessibility information, and use less resources than printed leaflets.


The App requires an internet connection, so while we recommend downloading it before your visit, Wi-Fi is available throughout the Mary Rose Museum, so you can get connected when you arrive!


The Mary Rose app’s audio highlights tour is part of a wider scheme to expand the visitor experience over the winter, coming alongside “Meet the Crew” and “Meet the Expert” talks during the week, as well as guided tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. More information on these can be found at maryrose.org/events, or via the Mary Rose app.


Head of Operations at the Mary Rose, Paul Griffiths said “we are delighted to be launching our improved App, it is going be another great feature of our amazing museum and really enhance the visitor experience”


Adrian Stokes from Mobidaze said “we very much enjoyed working with the Mary Rose Museum management & marketing teams to publish a mobile app that will hopefully enhance the visitors experience through the one device they never leave home without.”

The Mary Rose Museum App, produced by Mobidaze Limited, is available for free on iOS and Android, and can be downloaded via maryrose.org/app.


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