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Mary Rose Tea Now On Sale

Portsmouth-based tea company All About Tea has joined forces with the Mary Rose Museum to sell their latest blend; Mary Rose Tea.


All About Tea is an expert manufacturing wholesaler and distributor of speciality teas. They source their teas from remote regions to bring the best of the world’s flavours to a global audience. All blends and tea bags are produced in our own factory in Portsmouth, UK, under direct quality control.


The Mary Rose Tea is specially blended only a few miles from where she sank in 1545, using the best Sri Lankan and Indian teas. It also comes with a decorative tin exclusively designed for the Mary Rose by the team at Emma Bridgewater, who also designed our exclusive mug.


None of the Mary Rose’s crew ever tasted tea—now Britain’s national drink, but we like to think they would have loved the rich, satisfying flavour of Mary Rose Tea.


Mary Rose Tea is available exclusively from the Mary Rose Shop, either by visiting the Museum or via our online shop

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