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Mary Rose to star in The Great History Quiz

The Great History Quiz : The Tudors

BBC 2. Christmas Eve, 9pm

The Mary Rose Trust has had the unique opportunity to be involved in BBC 2’s The Great History Quiz : The Tudors. Seven artefacts were taken from cases inside the Mary Rose Museum to Elstree Studios where the quiz was recorded back in September in front of a live audience of 200 people.


Hosted by Kirsty Young, The Great History Quiz is a new show giving viewers the chance to pit their wits against some of the country’s most respected historians.   Between them they’ve racked up 16 university degrees, published 18 books and contributed to over two hundred hours of television.  They are author and broadcaster Dr. Kate Williams, author and Horrible Histories consultant Greg Jenner and their Team Captain Dr. Lucy Worsley, Chief curator at Royal Palaces.  Challenging them are author and broadcaster Dr. Anna Whitelock, architectural historian Dr. Jonathan Foyle and their Team Captain the broadcaster Dan Snow.

The teams examine an object recovered from the Mary Rose

This hour-long special is dedicated to that notorious dynasty the Tudors, who ruled the country from 1485 to 1603 and changed the face of British history forever. Across seven fascinating and challenging rounds The Great History Quiz  will bring the kings, queens, courtiers, noblemen and women, sailors and discoverers, heroes and villains, playwrights and poets, rogues and vagabonds who helped shape this extraordinary period back to life.


From politics to medicine, warfare to food, the quiz will uncover extraordinary facts from the worlds of court and kingdom in a series of fun and revealing rounds. Locking in the unfolding characters and events is The Great History Quiz Timeline (beginning at the Battle of Bosworth and ending with the death of Elizabeth I), which will fill as the show progresses. An ambitious, wide-ranging and challenging quiz, playful and full of surprises, The Great History Quiz reveals the Tudors in all their extraordinary glamour and idiosyncrasy.


The Mary Rose will feature in one of six rounds in the show, called Handle with Care, where the contestants guess what the artefact was used for. Seven artefacts were taken to the filming, but we’ll let you find out what they were on BBC2 at 9pm, Christmas Eve



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