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Mary Rose LIVE – #MaryRoseHistory Update



James Reah, representing TeamBlue for #MaryRoseLIVEHi all again! As I’m writing this it hits me how quick the time has gone, with only a few weeks now until the main event on June 2nd! Where does the time go?


So, to give you an update for Team Blue since the last Blog, the plans have been made, and in the words of a wise old wizard- the pieces are moving. In the space of time inbetween the last blog and this, after some adjustments, Team Blue have their plan of action and expect our spot during the live show to try and take you back to Tudor Times, and provide you with insights into experiences people may have had and personalities, both who would have been on board the Mary Rose, and within Tudor life in general!

The surgeon's wooden medicine canisters

The surgeon’s wooden medicine canisters


The project students from Portsmouth visited the museum with the intention of being taken around in a comprehensive tour detailing the history and archaeology surrounding King Henry’s favourite ship. Everyone had a fantastic time, and although they had all visited before in some context, the chance of being taken around and given the ship’s full history and insights to the crew and officers on board was not to be missed.


The team, understanding more the sheer scope of historical and archaeological interpretations and insights that come with the Mary Rose, had a more solid foundation for the choices they’ve made regarding topics to cover, with some changes and adjustments being made, to immerse you as much as possible into the fascinating time-frame of history that is the Tudor period!


Surgeon Filming for Mary Rose LIVEWe’ve also completed our first piece of filming in the museum too- interviewing our own resident barber-surgeon at the museum. The interview featured questions about how we know of the title and role of this incredibly important individual aboard the ship, as well talking about medicine and medical practice more generally in Tudor times. It also features some of the Museums amazing replicas of the equipment and tools which the barber-surgeon would have made use of, providing for the viewer, as the original artefacts do for us, evidence of what medical practices were used and how. The interview will be an equally important aspect of the program, along with what else we have planned, to not only inform people and educate on what life was like during at sea and on land in general, but also to expel some myths and how we see this period of history from what has been discovered.


Surgeon Filming for Mary Rose LIVE

I won’t give much more away, but we have much more planned for the day and our attempt at bringing the Mary Rose, and Tudor, history to life! Moreover, when we also add our project to the other teams of Red and Yellow, the 2nd June is truly turning out to be an amazing and memorable day! We can’t wait from Team Blue to be able to bring to you aspects from the Mary Rose and what her and her artefacts discovered have meant for our knowledge of Tudor times, and what really makes the collection at the museum truly special!


James Reah



Mary Rose LIVE will be broadcast live on 2nd June on the CCiTV YouTube channel, as well as on the Big Screen in Portsmouth’s Guildhall Square.

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