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Mary Rose LIVE – #MaryRosePeople

#MaryRoseLIVEThis week for #MaryRoseLIVE, we’re introducing you to #TeamRed and their programme focusing on #MaryRosePeople.


Stacey Court-MartinI’m Stacey Court-Martin by the way, I’m the Mary Rose deputy lead for the #MaryRoseLIVE project and advisor to #TeamRed. By day, I’m Development Officer for the Trust, and by night, I’m asleep. As a Development Officer, I manage the Friends of the Mary Rose, of which, many of our divers and old Mary Rose Society members are attributed. With a good knowledge of our supporters, I can help #TeamRed discover more about the Mary Rose family.


This year marks the 35th anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose. In celebration, Emma Benson (#TeamRed Producer) and her crew have decided to focus on the personalities behind the incredible story of discovering and raising King Henry VIII’s flagship.


Diver surveys carling (part of the ship structure) [MR80.0050T]

The team have been given the task of finding rare footage and photos of the Mary Rose, with the aim of highlighting some of the more untold stories around the search, excavation and raising. We all remember the exacerbated intake of breath as one of the underwater lifting frame’s legs broke free, but many of us don’t know how the lifting cradle was made or the human endeavour behind that historical day.


#TeamRed’s programme has the potential to show the world what the Mary Rose really meant to those who were most close to her. Follow #TeamRed as we uncover the hidden tales of the Mary Rose via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MaryRosePeople.


Stacey Court-Martin


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