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Mary Rose LIVE – #MaryRosePeople Update



Stacey Court-MartinIt’s been a challenging few weeks for #MaryRoseLive. On top of organising their shows, the students have had dissertations, exams and (of course) the Easter holidays to contend with. Team Red are progressing well as we have now finalised the shows ‘story’ and who they would like to feature. As this blog goes out, in fact today is the first day of filming for Team Red, interviewing our Community and Outreach Officer, Trevor Sapey.


view-from-the-topFrom my perspective, it has been interesting to see how the students react to real life situations. Never filming live beyond the university’s comfort zone, I think the reality has kicked in with what it’s like to film on location. One of the biggest challenges Team Red has been faced with so far is the actual Museum. With such an aesthetically pleasing venue, it was hard for the team to choose their favourite spots. Every gallery within the museum offers something new, exciting and a fresh angle to how a piece to camera could be staged.


With each passing day, we’re all learning something new. I firmly believe that this last assessment for the students will provide valuable work experience and set them in good stead for the future.


Meanwhile, Team Red have taken time out from their busy production schedule to talk about their experience so far…


Emma BensonEmma Benson – Producer

“Producing a show is nowhere near as easy as it seems!


After watching four of my teammates produce live shows throughout this year, I put myself forward to lead the final year show for my team.


I created a brief, with a running order and an outline for a forty-five minute show that I presented, initially to my group, and then to the executive producers at CCiTV and the team at the Mary Rose Trust. I must be getting better at pitching because there were no issues or comments about me getting the role!


We’ll be presenting a show exploring the human endeavour that went into finding and raising the Mary Rose from the seabed, talking to divers and family members involved, we hope to share never before told stories behind the raising!


Although everyone seemed to really enjoy my shows treatment, it became very clear to me how much work goes into making a live Outside Broadcast, and how much scheduling, organising and liaising it truly takes!


​Although we are only in the beginning stages of production at the moment, the show goes LIVE on the 2nd June, so in less than a month my team and I shall be producing a live broadcast on location, making sure every item is planned down to the last detail, and that everything goes smoothly… Fingers Crossed!”


Jonny RumbleJonny Rumble – Scriptwriter & Vision Mixer

“So next month we will be going live from the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth! One of Henry VIII’s historic boats!


My role for this show will be scriptwriter, after doing this in previous shows I think it is my true calling as I have previously really enjoyed it as I feel like it immerses me within the production.


I will also be vision mixing for the live show, which is a truly daunting task as this show will be longer than any other previous CCI show! This show will be 45 minutes long and any mistakes I make as vision mixer will be so easy to spot!


Either way, I am so excited to be a part of another love production! Stay tuned for more info on how it went!”


Abby BurnettAbby Burnett – Scriptwriter

“Scriptwriting for any show is always a bit of a challenge, with whatever subject you are creating a programme on the question comes to mind of “where to begin?” That was the first question that came to mind when I came across the plethora of information about the excavation of the Mary Rose, what a unique story! But with planning all done we are well on our way to having a script threaded with the most interesting of stories from the people who actually brought up the ship!


I am very excited about this production and the wealth of information that is coming to Portsmouth’s Big Screen!”

Team Red

Team Red


Stacey Court-Martin



Mary Rose LIVE will be broadcast live on 2nd June on the CCiTV YouTube channel, as well as on the Big Screen in Portsmouth’s Guildhall Square.

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