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Kate ShuttleworthMy name is Kate and I am the Projects Officer at the Mary Rose Trust. I originally joined as a member of the Project Team to support the 2015/16 works, but now that’s finished I get to work on all sorts of different projects around the Trust, although mainly I’m assisting the Collections Manager with the digitisation of our archive.


I’m responsible for #TeamYellow, the largest of the #MaryRoseLIVE teams, which consists of Harry, Aaron, Darrien, Sam, Clarrisa, Bianca, Svetomira, Crystal, Monique, Andrew, Abbie, Emily, Gabby, Gareth, Natassa and Ola from the University of Portsmouth. For #MaryRoseLIVE we will present #MaryRoseStory, following the hard work and effort that has gone into the preservation of the Mary Rose and the construction of the amazing museum that houses the ship and her artefacts.


We will be talking to key people from these projects and hearing their fascinating insights and memories of all aspects, from initial planning to the launch in 2013 and reopening in 2016. We will also be looking to speak to visitors and hear their views on the museum. So if you are visiting in the next few weeks keep an eye out for a camera crew, they may want to interview you!

The Mary Rose Museum

As this is the first #TeamYellow blog, I thought I would give some of the team the opportunity to introduce themselves and let them tell you their thoughts on working on this project!

Harry Smith – Producer

What I will find most interesting about this show is learning about the history of the Mary Rose and the journey it has been through. I’m looking forward to discovering more about the conservation of the ship, as this is sometimes an overlooked aspect of the museum.


Through this show, I hope to highlight the conservation, design and architecture aspects of the museum, while also being able to put a spotlight on the individuals involved with this.


Although this show will share similarities with what we have previously worked on as a group, it does bring with it some elements that will be exciting and challenging. This is the first outside broadcast we have produced (which I am very excited about!), so it will help to provide a new environment for the programme. Also, the opportunities to film with the museum and interview individuals associated with it, is something that will produce high quality pre-recorded material that will add to the live programme.

Ola Ajayi – Director

As the director, I am looking forward to creating an interesting show about the conservation of the Mary Rose and the history of the Mary Rose Museum. Including the archived footage of what the museum use to look like might be challenging if we use it has an overlay during the live show as we will have to make sure that it shown at the right time! It will be interesting to see the comparison between how it looked before construction, which I feel the audience will appreciate.

Natassa Kattou – Camera Operator

Being a camera operator for an outside live broadcast is probably the most exciting experience to date. Usually the pressure of live filming is an adrenaline rush to say the least! To be working with the Mary rose is exciting for us all and working within our group to produce the best show possible is our main priority!

Emily Nicholson- Floor Manager

This is something that our whole year has been looking forward to as it a chance to show off all the things that we have learnt since starting university.


I think having it outside will be interesting to see how we set up, as we are always set up our live broadcasts in the Eldon building hub. Even though it’s our final piece at university we will still be learning so much.


My main hope on the day that everyone who watches the live show goes away having learned something and thinking to themselves how professional the show that they watched was.


There have been many documentaries and programmes about the Mary Rose but I think because this show is about the people behind the conservation and museum construction, it will be a different angle to any other previous programmes. This show is also different from anything I have been involved in whilst at university, the main difference being its outside and we won’t know what will face us until the day. Let’s hope it is not raining!


So remember to keep an eye out for #MaryRoseStory on our social media and if you’re in Portsmouth’s Guildhall Square on 2nd June 2017 (or just nearby, and can get there easily) come and see the story unfold at 1pm!

Kate Shuttleworth


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