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Mary Rose LIVE – #MaryRoseStory Update


Kate ShuttleworthSince the end of April, the time has just flown by and I’m amazed to realise that this show will be broadcast in just two weeks!


I’ve had a busy few weeks emailing staff and external contractors for interviews, as well as arranging filming days, all while completing my regular duties as Projects Officer. I’m starting to get an appreciation for the complexities of broadcasting work. However, when all’s said and done it’s been an amazing opportunity to work on something different and exciting, while also providing me the opportunity to research the history of my own organisation.


Team Yellow FilmingIt’s also been great to see enthusiasm from the students and they’ve been really keen to promote the project; they’ve even made their own Facebook page:




But it’s not all about me, so here’s an update from the students as well.


Last week was the first of the filming days for Team Yellow. A quick recap on our film; #MaryRoseStory will tell the history of how the Mary Rose was conserved and the construction of her museum, through interviews with the key people involved.


Team Yellow FilmingLast week, Team Yellow’s film crew had a very busy Thursday. Their morning was off to a great start as they had were given the privilege of filming in the ship hall itself! With a small team of four, they interviewed Conservation Manager, David Pearson, on how the Mary Rose preserved. I won’t give away what he talked about so you can find out for yourself on 2nd June!


“It was truly magnificent, I was one of the lucky ones who got to go up onto the crane platform to get some panning shots. Until you get in there, you don’t comprehend just how big the ship is and also how impressive it is that the Mary Rose has been so well conserved” Andrew McCann Camera Operator and VT director.


They also took advantage of the empty museum to film establishing shots of the galleries. If you have visited the museum before, you’ll appreciate how difficult it can be to take a photo without getting a reflection of yourself.  As a visitor, is it a form of art, however as a film crew reflections are not the easiest thing to combat. No one wants to see a lovely shot of the Mary Rose ruined by a sudden glimpse of a camera operator and tripod!


Following this, the team interviewed several members of staff and museum volunteers about their experience as an actor in the ship’s projections. After watching our film, hopefully you will be able to recognise their characters next time you visit the museum!


For the rest of the day, the film crew interviewed visitors on their thoughts on the museum. They repeated this on Saturday, so if you visited the Mary Rose Museum on either of these days, and were kind enough to take part, you should see yourself broadcast live on The Big Screen Portsmouth in Guildhall Square!

Team Yellow Filming

With two weeks left until #MaryRoseLIVE, Team Yellow still have more filming ahead and then they will move on to the editing process. This is a difficult challenge for the team, as all the footage must be cut down in order to fit everything into the show. The script is taking shape and the presenters are busy cramming as much information about the ship and museum as humanly possible, in case something happens to our autocue on the day. Within the next week our director, Ola Ajayi, will start creating her shot lists ready for 2nd June.


Don’t forget you can watch all the shows for #MaryRoseLIVE from 11am on YouTube, at the Big Screen in Portsmouth Guildhall, or why not head down to the museum yourself and have a look at what’s going on! 


Kate Shuttleworth



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