Meet the Crew of the Mary Rose

The Carpenter

The Carpenter of the Mary Rose, based on a reconstruction of his face

“I am the Master Carpenter, I am a very important man on the Mary Rose.


My job is to maintain the ship, making sure the decks are waterproof, repairing broken rigging blocks, and perhaps plugging holes made by cannon balls during battle.”


His Cabin

Carpenter's Cabin illustration

This is what the cabin would have looked like from the outside. You can see there is a sliding door. A small dog was found near the cabin door. The dog’s job on-board was to catch rats.


Inside, as well as the carpenter’s chest and tools, there were two beds. While one is complete, with possible traces of his bedding, the other is missing some planks. The carpenter had also made a few home improvements, extending his cabin and cutting a window through the side of the ship, which could be closed in rough weather!


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