Meet the Crew of the Mary Rose

Feeding the Men

The crew of the Mary Rose ate from wooden plates, dishes and bowls. Like the officers, they used knives, spoons and their fingers to eat.

Wooden Bowl

 You can view a 3D model of this bowl HERE

87 wooden bowls, 58 wooden dishes and 144 wooden plates were recovered, many from within barrels near the galley. This one features personal marks made by the man who owned it.

 Wooden Tankard

 You can view a 3D model of this tankard HERE

The men drank from wooden tankards. These are made like little barrels and are lined with pitch to keep them waterproof.  The tankards are wider at the bottom than at the top and have a lid.


 Leather Flask

Some of the crew owned leather drinking flasks, which they could carry around with them. They had loops at the top for a strap and a stopper, made of wood and wrapped in leather to keep it water-tight. Like the wooden tankards, they were lined with pitch to make them waterproof.

Wooden Spoon

We only found a few wooden spoons on the Mary Rose. We think most of the men would have had spoons made from cow horn, which didn’t survive well. Of course, the wooden spoons might have just floated away!


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