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Museum Selfie Day – Selfies at the Mary Rose Museum.

Wednesday 18th January is Museum Selfie day, a Culture Themes initiative to get people to share their museum-related selfies, which in the four years since it began has spread across the globe, with people sharing their snaps from museums all over the world!


There are many people who aren’t keen on selfies, and there are stories of museum where artefacts have been damaged, but as long as you’re careful, don’t climb on any of the artefacts and have consideration for those around you, we have no problem with you all taking and sharing your pictures of the Mary Rose Museum!


While there are a number of spots around the museum where you can get amazing photos of the ship and her objects, there aren’t many places in the Mary Rose Museum where you can get a good selfie, due to our low light levels it’s tricky to get a picture that shows both the ship and, somewhat importantly for a selfie, your face (and we and our artefacts would prefer if you didn’t use the flash!) However, there are a few spots where you can get a good one, which include;


Henry VIII

The Henry VIII waxwork which lives in our well-lit foyer is a popular stopping point for visitors, and a large number of people get pictures taken with him.


Bae #portsmouth #portsmouthhistoricdockyard #maryrose #citybreak #day2

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The Lower Deck, Opposite the Archer

This is a little noticed space, with an excellent view of the ship. Not many people seem to try here, but we adjusted the lighting slightly so you can see your face and the ship behind you.


Making sure that the lighting is right for our @maryrosemuseum photospots! #NoFlash

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We should say, though, that we don’t really encourage people to get pictures with the archer or any of the human remains. These were real people, after all, they’re here to educate, not entertain.


“Hands On the Mary Rose”

Our artefact handling area has plenty of selfie opportunities – , whether you’re holding an actual piece of the Mary Rose, or testing your strength with a longbow. Everybody has their photos taken with the replica longbows, from school children to the Heir to the Throne! Obviously it’s hard to take a selfie when pulling a longbow, especially one with a 90lb draw strength, so you may need to get a friend to take it for you!


I’m an archer with attitude . . . . . #archery #attitude #sassy #history #maryrose #igotthis

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Dressing Up

Our dressing up area is always great for selfies, who doesn’t love putting on an unusual hat and cloak and being all Regal?


Royally funny @maryrosemuseum

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However, bear in mind that if there are kids there, let them finish first!


Share your #Museum Selfies, and any other pictures you take in the museum, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, using the hashtag #MaryRoseMuseum.

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