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Museum Takeover Day 2014


 If you come down to the Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on Friday 21st November 2014, you’re in for a big surprise! You’ll find teenagers doing jobs and taking on roles that adults usually do. Students from St Edmund’s Catholic School, Portsmouth, will be acting as consultants to help the museum expand its teen offer. They will come up with ideas for activities and marketing then pitch their ideas, ‘Dragon’s Den’ style, to the museum management team. In the afternoon, they will work with the museum team to start putting their ideas into practice. Students will use Twitter throughout the day to send updates on their progress.


21st November is Takeover Day, a day on which museums up and down England are being taken over by children and teenagers. Independent charity Kids in Museums is teaming up with the Children’s Commissioner for England and Arts Council England to help place children and teenagers at the heart of museums.


Mary Rose Museum is very keen to include children and teenagers. It runs an extensive programme of activities for schools and families.


Clare Barnes, Learning Officer at the museum says “We are really pleased to be working with St Edmund’s Catholic School this year. Students will help us understand what young people want from the museum by road testing our products and coming up with some fresh ideas of their own. Working alongside staff they’ll decide how to put their ideas into practice. Last year one of the best things about Takeover Day was the reaction of the staff and volunteers who worked alongside pupils – it was definitely a highlight of the whole year.  This year should be really exciting with the Management Team getting involved to give pupils the opportunity to pitch their ideas and discuss how real-life business challenges such as budgets and staffing can be overcome.”


Mrs Moira Howorth, Assistant Head teacher at St Edmund’s Catholic School, Portsmouth says “We are always pleased to work with the staff at Mary Rose Museum, this is our second visit this term. It is an exceptional facility for learning and within walking distance of our school. The children who have been chosen are either part of our School Council or on the Gifted and talented register. They are delighted to be given this opportunity to act as consultants addressing a real issue at the Mary Rose Museum and to contribute to a debate about audience development and put these ideas into practice


So roll up, roll up on Friday 21st November and discover how the museum is putting teenagers at the heart of what it does.


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