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Mary Rose Sauce coming to the Museum Shop!

Yes, this was an April Fool’s prank. We’re not actually going to produce a Mary Rose Sauce. Sorry!


Obviously, this was inspired by the existence of the popular seafood dressing, Marie Rose Sauce, which is sometimes claimed to have been invented by the Mary Rose dive team. It was actually created long before the rediscovery of the Mary Rose, and is nothing to do with the ship. The spelling should have given that away, though…


The new Mary Rose Sauce, made in Portsmouth like the Mary Rose herself.

The award winning Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is home to Henry VIII’s favourite warship, Mary Rose. The Museum, which opened in 2013 to great acclaim, has announced that it will release a new condiment, Mary Rose Sauce. Its release will coincide with its second anniversary in May 2015.


The inspiration for the recipe has been taken from evidence of food fragments discovered in some of the artefacts, including one of the large cauldrons retrieved from the wreck. The kitchen ware on display shows the importance of the ship’s cook in Tudor times and has been a cause of scientific interest.


By using a touch of creative licence and flavours from some popular classics such as Tomato Catsup, barbecue sauce and various other favourites, the Museum has created a modern day equivalent of the sauce, which they hope will bring history to life for a 21st‐century consumer.


Christopher Dobbs, a Maritime Archaeologist at the Mary Rose Trust and a member of the original excavation and recovery team enthused:


“We found some of the ingredients on board during the dives to the shipwreck. One large basket I raised from the wreck contained over 80 plum stones ‐ Prunus domestica to give the Latin name. As evidence of plums were found these have been added to the Mary Rose Sauce which gives a wonderful sweet and fruity taste to the recipe. The fruitstones and basket can be seen in our museum.


We’ve been working with food technologists to come up with the recipe. Safe to say it will contain plenty of sea salt!”


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