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Our Work Experience at the Mary Rose Museum

(l-r) Lucy, Henry VIII and Georgia. Only two of them took over today…

“Hi, it’s Georgia from Peter Symonds College. This summer I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Mary Rose Museum to enhance my learning about Tudor history and to give me an experience working in museums. I learned so much about the Mary Rose itself, and about how the museum functioned – plus it gives me a great advantage for my CV and Personal Statement!


One thing I found really fascinating was learning about the different design elements of the museum such as how lighting, archaeology and sound are used to create a ship-like atmosphere. I thought this was really important as the atmosphere created is what makes the museum so engaging. I also got to learn loads about the different media used to present information, such as display cases, interactive games and re-enactments. I was also really interested to discover how we could use artefacts to learn about the past through a variety of elements, from bone analysis down to very simply the location they were found on the ship. As part of my work experience I got to join the education team, encouraging children to engage with history through arts and crafts. This helped me to improve my interpersonal skills and I learned new ways to get different age groups interested in history. ”


“Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m also studying history at Peter Symonds College. Working at the Mary Rose Museum this summer was an experience that has been both surprising and has exceeded my initial expectations. As an early history student, it was a dream come true to spend day-in day-out amongst genuine Tudor artefacts. Personally, I could have spent hours (and probably did) learning from volunteers in the galleries, but there was also a multitude of jobs that I was able to engage in, proving that you don’t have to be crazy about history to enjoy work experience here! From flitting from meet and greet in the front of house to admin in the office, then up to the staff room for numerous (well deserved) cups of tea before dashing off to the lower deck to help out on the barber-surgeon table, I can honestly say that there was never a day where I felt at a loss when it came to keeping myself busy! There is so much to experience at the Mary Rose, and for anyone who is remotely interested in museum work – conservation, curation or even education – it’s all here for you to get stuck into!


Today, we both got the chance to get involved in the Teen Twitter Takeover Day:  a nationwide event encouraging young people to take control of the twitter account of major British museums. It was an excellent opportunity as it allowed us to have our say on what we found interesting about the museum, and share all the exciting things we had discovered during our work experience. There were lots exhibits we found really fascinating, even though they were often overlooked by other guests such as the medicine display, the menu and the anti-boarding net (and the fatal role it played in the sinking of the Mary Rose). We think the Mary Rose is a museum to be enjoyed by all generations (and not just history buffs like us!) because it is such an atmospheric and interactive experience. We hope we can inspire more young people to visit the museum and enjoy learning about history!”

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