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Project Update – Behind Closed Doors

While the ship is being fully revealed...Since the end of November 2015 the Mary Rose Museum has been closed, with only a mini exhibition and film available to our visitors. During this period, we’ve had nearly 9,000 visitors, and according to our surveys they’ve all gone away satisfied, but even so, they still ask “What’s going on in the museum?”


The rest of the museum hasn’t been sitting idle though, our contractors Como have been working hard at preparing the galleries for the removal of the hotbox walls in preparation of our new visitor experience, while maintaining the stable environment the ship needs.


Because we obviously can’t let you go into the work area, we’ve prepared some “Then and Now” images, showing you how it’s changed since we closed our doors. (click to enlarge)

Main Deck Context Gallery – Then and Now!  Main Deck Context Gallery - Then and Now! The main deck context gallery, where visitors got their first view of the ship. Currently the walls are being stripped down, revealing the hotbox wall behind it. This will also be removed.

The context galleries are sealed off at both ends, so that when the walls do eventually come down, they’ll maintain the internal environment, ensuring that the ship is not harmed. The picture on the right was taken through one of those doors!

(click to enlarge)

Lower Deck Context Gallery – Then and Now!  Lower Deck Context Gallery - Then and Now! The lower deck context gallery, where scaffolding and hoardings currently dominate what was once (and will be again) a wide visitor walkway

(click to enlarge)

Men of the Upper Deck gallery – Then and Now! Men of the Upper Deck gallery - Then and Now! While Como are being extremely careful with their work, accidents could happen.

To protect the display cases from accidental knocks and any dust that might be produced, hoardings have been erected around them, ensuring that the internal environments of the cases are maintained.

Special coverings have also been put on the floors, to prevent scuffing.

(click to enlarge)

Upper Deck Context Gallery – Then and Now!  Upper Deck Context Gallery - Then and Now! The Upper Deck Context Gallery, where work begins on removing the flying buttresses that hold up the roof of the hotbox.

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Our mini exhibition is open seven days a week along with HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and the other attractions at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

While you can see we’ve got a lot of work done, there’s still a lot more to do before we can welcome visitors back into the Mary Rose Museum! Find out more about the project at maryrose.org/phase2, and by following us on twitter @MaryRoseMuseum

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