This site is designed to be an interactive learning tool for children at KS2, not a mass of information. For aspects of the Mary Rose that are not covered here, please refer to the main site and to the extensive KS2 site, The Learning City.

The site can be used independently by the learner so they can pick and choose from the menu, exploring the Mary Rose as they browse the site. However, it has been designed so as to allow teachers to structure the approach pupils take in order to meet the learning objectives of the KS2 programme of study.

"Explore the Mary Rose" is designed to encourage pupils to do two things: to do their own research, and to work from evidence. They can find out for themselves about one member of the crew and his life on board, and discover the main facts about the history and archaeology of the ship. Using the knowledge gained in this way, they can then look more closely at photographs of the artefacts and, working from them, start to draw their own conclusions from the evidence available.

Finally, there are pages of questions of activities that are down-loadable resources for pupils to use to reinforce their learning, communicate their knowledge, and demonstrate to you what they have learnt online.
This section will consolidate the learning that has taken place - providing an outcome linked to the resources and the objective behind them.

All the activities listed in the Outcome column can be found in the 'How much have you learnt' section unless stated otherwise

Objective Resource Outcome
1) To find out about more about the past through the interpretation of artefacts

'Explore the ship/meet the crew

'Evidence from artefacts

Successful completion of 'What's missing?' picture.

Successful completion of 'Who owns what?' page.

2) Research or recall, select & organise information Explore the ship/meet the crew

Successful completion of 'Mystery Object' page. (Evidence section)

Successful completion of 'Here's what I do' page.

Successful completion of 'Spot the mistake' page.

3) To know the chief events in the story of the Mary Rose History and Archaeology section Describe or write in own words the six pictures depicted in 'The story of the Mary Rose' page.
4) Understand what is meant by archaeology in the context of the Mary Rose History and Archaeology section Successful completion of 'What's missing' picture.Successful completion of 'Who did it belong to?' section.Successful completion of "Best evidence" section 1 &2

All downloadable resources are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).