While the majority of material on this site is purpose written, it is based mainly on internal & external publications produced by the Mary Rose Trust and the Mary Rose Society.

Thanks are due to Maggie Richards, Alex Hildred, Ian Friel, the late Peter Whitlock and Andy Elkerton.

The character paintings were produced by Roger Purkis and the isometric by Debbie Fulford, updated by Peter Crossman.

Nigel Grundy of the Portsmouth University School of Architecture is producing the 3D model of the ship.

Site design, authoring, editing and management is by Stuart Vine.

The Learning City Project was devised and initiated by Richard Dunne and Tony Byrne. It is a collaborative project between Portsmouth LEA, the Mary Rose Trust, nine local schools and the School of Architecture at Portsmouth University.

The project has been jointly funded by KONVER and Portsmouth LEA.

So, in no particular order, thanks for advice, help, support and ideas, are due to:

Jenny Driver - Copnor Junior
Debs Smith - Northern Parade Junior
Jonathan Ackerman - Court Lane Junior
Phillip Duncan - Cliffdale Primary
Tony Stubbs - Isambard Brunel Junior
Richard Adams - Solent Junior
Garry Nicholson - Stamshaw Junior
Lee Wallington - St Georges Beneficial Primary
Peter Richardson & Annette Rogers - Craneswater Junior
Chris Watts - Northern Parade Junior
Rick Barnes - Portsmouth LEA
Neal Thomson - Hampshire LEA
Sue Wright - Flagship Portsmouth
Dr Kevin McCartney - Portsmouth University

Martyn Heighton - The Mary Rose Trust
Chris Dobbs - The Mary Rose Trust