UK Map
The voyages of John Wodlas in the Mary Rose are marked in red.


  • Blake Depes = Black Deeps
  • Tamys = Thames
  • Blake Wale = Blackwall (in London)
  • Portesmouth = you can work that one out yourself, can't you?

In 1514, a pilot called John Wodlas navigated the Mary Rose on several short voyages. In this letter he is asking the King's Council for his pay for those journeys.

John Wodlas (2 May 1514)

Petition to the Council by John Wodlas, of Harwich, for his reasonable expenses in the following service. He conveyed the Maryrose over "a danger in the sea called the Nase," and, upon countermand, bought her back to Harwich. Then, within five days, he was commanded to convey her through "a place in the sea called the Slade," to meet the King coming from Calais, and so did, and then conveyed her out of the Downes, through the Blake Depes, into Tamys. He "now last" brought the Mary Rose from Blake Wale to Portesmouth ...
Stowe MS. 146, f. 120. BM