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Long lost diaries of King Henry VIII discovered at Riders Junior School!

Recently we had our 10,000th schoolchild visit the Mary Rose Museum, and many of them have sent in some of the coursework they’ve produced during their Tudor project! Here’s one we received recently from Riders Junior School…


Following a school visit in November to the Mary Rose Museum, a remarkable find has been made at Riders Junior School in Leigh Park, Havant. Amazing entries from King Henry VIII’s diary have been discovered which illuminate 19 July 1545, the day the Mary Rose sank!



I rolled out of my large king size bed and demanded my precious diamond clothes.

I summoned my servant to bring my finest horse into the courtyard… struggling to jump on my horse, my servant helped me. Five minutes later we were ready to go on our journey to Southsea Castle.

It was the day my impressive fleet set sail to try and fight the French fleet… the terrifying war started… I felt confident about displaying my strength and power. I met with my Captain and friend Lord Carew.

Defiantly and angrily I ordered my cannons to take fire. To the left I saw the French fleet trying to sail up the Solent… Then the Mary Rose began to tilt until it was too late….Well what a day!

I was so distraught as I saw my ship slowly and surely sink. What was I going to do! I thought the Mary Rose was unsinkable. I felt lost inside. I saw my men drowned but there was nothing I could do to save them. It was enough to make a grown man cry – even me!

King Henry VIII 


Year 5 Teacher, Miss Stapleton, said: “Pupils showed real curiosity and enthusiasm during the visit to the museum. We hope you enjoy reading the fantastic diary entries from Year 5.”


Learning Officer, Clare Barnes, said: “Schools often send us letters and work following a visit to the museum but this must be the best we have had this year. The extracts above illustrate the way in which pupils have been able to mix historical fact with really imaginative writing.”


To find out more about our learning programme or to send us your work contact: education@maryrose.org

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