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Something’s happened to our Cowdray engraving!

Hopefully by now you’re all familiar with the Cowdray engraving, a copy of a contemporary depiction of the sinking of the Mary Rose.


However, something’s gone wrong with our copy, and seven mistakes have crept in. Can you spot them all, and let us know what they are?


please leave your answers on our Facebook or twitter pages.


No prizes, sadly, other than the honour of knowing you are the best!



Turns out there were seven!

From left-right

1. Spitbank Fort (top, in Solent; not built until 1861, finished 1878)

2. Police Box/TARDIS (bottom; this style of Police box didn’t appear until 1929, and the TARDIS was invented in 1963. Then again, it IS a time machine…)

3. Wally (‘Where’s Wally’ first published 1987)

4. WC/Public toilet (small building in front of Southsea Castle; the term ‘Water Closet’ doesn’t appear until 1745-1755)

5. ‘Maid in London’ by Banksy (on Southsea castle wall; commissioned 2006 in North London)

6. Aston Martin DB5 (near large flag of St George; first launched 1963)

7. Flag of the United States (on English warship; 50 star version not adopted until 1960, United States not established until 1776)



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