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The Mary Rose Takeover Day

The Mary Rose Takeover Day

Today St Judes year 4 children have taken over the Mary Rose museum and given some of the staff a helping hand. Five children were dressed and trained as a Tudor gun crew and have given the public the chance to see how a Mary Rose cannon was fired in battle. Amber was the gun captain and enjoyed ordering her crew around!


We spoke to a member of the public, Louise Mayer of Crawley, who had just watched the gun drill, and asked her if she thought kids in museums was a good idea. “Definitely, as it’s better to be shown”


Visitors were greeted today by some more of our school mates, who handed out maps of the museum, welcomed members of the public, and explained that kids had taken over the museum as part of a national initiative. Working at reception Tyra said she “is having a lot of fun.”


In the Cowdray Gallery visitors have been able to ask children, who are wearing traditional Tudor costumes, about the Battle of the Solent. They have been pointing out places of interest such as the sinking ship, the Round Tower, and even our school site – which used to be a brewery!


We have had a fun and exciting day at the Mary Rose were we have been roving reporters tweeting live about todays event.


Thank you to the staff at the museum for inviting us to take over the museum!


Aniruddh Payala, Jack Dalton and Joseph Lake

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