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The New Myth of the Old Sea Dog

The Mary Rose has, over the years, given birth to a number of myths. The main one is the tale of her sinking on her maiden voyage, which we’re slowly trying to kill off, but recently a new one has appeared.


We’ve had hundreds of reviews on TripAdvisor over the last year, the vast majority of them raving about us. However, in the last week or so something odd has been happening. We’ve had two reviews recently which, although complimentary, have remarked that they were “missed the poo”. One went further and commented that she “couldn’t find the preserved dog poo from the ships dog and the lady I asked didn’t know where it was either!”


There’s a reason for that. We don’t have any.


We’re not sure where this idea has come from, we’ve certainly never advertised ourselves as having it, none of our staff, volunteers or members of the Mary Rose Information Group have been telling people that we have poo on display, a quick google search has turned up nothing, yet two people, from different areas of the UK, are under the impression that we do.

Dog footprint in a tile recovered from the Mary Rose


Obviously, we do have some dog-related objects on show. While we obviously have ‘Hatch’, the ships dog (which you can read about here), in the galley area a ceramic tile was discovered which bore the impression of a dog’s paw print. It’s believed that the tile may have been accidentally trodden on during the drying process before firing, and rather than waste it the builders used it anyway.


No poo though.



If you know where this myth has come from, please get in touch with us and let us know. We’d like to knock it on the head.

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