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The Mary Rose Museum – The Way We Were

If you have come to see the Mary Rose Museum since its re-launch on 20th July 2016, you may have noticed some of the many changes made in the museum and its galleries.


In case you have not been able to visit yet, cannot remember what it looked before, or have only visited the museum since we re-opened, our project team has collected a few images from around the museum to show you how much has changed.

King’s Ship Gallery

The Kings Gallery - Then and Now!

A new showcase was added into the King’s Ship gallery to house the ship’s emblem (essentially the figurehead). The emblem was raised in 2005 but was not identified as such until a decade afterwards, the divers at the time described it as a wooden lollipop!


Dr Alex Hildred, curator at the Mary Rose Trust, worked with the University of Portsmouth using state of the art techniques to confirm that the bumps and curves do indeed form a Tudor rose.

The Mary Rose Emblem


19th July 1545 Gallery

The 19th July 1545 Gallery - Then and Now!

If you have visited the museum before, you may remember the video of Professor Mark Jones (who retired in April this year) explaining the drying process that had been taking place in the Hotbox to visitors.


With the majority of the air drying now complete, the video was replaced with a Holopro screen. This display shows that the objects in the Context galleries have been moved from the starboard side of the ship to a mirror image display and also reiterates the fact that everything on display is real – no replicas in our display cases!


We have also added a new screen to illustrate how the ship used to look compared with the remains of the ship as she is displayed today.


And in the rest of our Galleries

The Men of the Main Deck Gallery - Then and Now!

Graphics on the windows of all galleries and lifts have been removed, offering never before seen views of the hull from every gallery in the museum

The Science and the Mary Rose Gallery - Then and Now!


The Main Deck Context Gallery - Then and Now!

And of course, with the drying process complete, we have removed the walls from the Context Galleries and the ducting from the ship – so views from the Context Gallery walkways are better than ever before!

The Lower Deck Context Gallery - Then and Now!


The Upper Deck Context Gallery - Then and Now!

If you have not visited our re-launched museum yet, why not come and see all the changes for yourself?

The Mary Rose - Then and Now!


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